Are we doing enough!…By Default and By Design we are!

By Rakesh Vanarse

Reaching out to ones who make a difference or reaching out to all we can!

A question that begs to have an answer. While our first instinct and knowledge prods to reach out only to our near and dear ones, we need to understand that if we fail to reach to anyone and everyone we can, we all fail as humanity.

The real answer is to reach out to the first person who needs support or any kind of help. The modern world has made it quite difficult to reach out to your immediate people or strangers around you. This is due to loss of trust and social complications that have become a part of life. This was not the case many decades ago. However, with more desperate times, people have started taking desperate measures thereby leading to loss of trust.

So how does one overcome this immediate insecurity and yet reach out to the next needy person.

We have the answers all around us. Whenever we donate we are reaching out to an unknown recipient. On the other hand, when we work or create anything of value, we are somewhere creating a thing of value for an unknown person.

So interestingly, while we are working or even sharing or donating, aren’t we are reaching out to some unknown beneficiary?

Humanity by Default and subsequently by Design is all about really doing Good for each other, be it known or even unknown.

So at the core of it all, we are all doing our best within our given circumstances!

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