Humanity and it Biggest Challenge!

By Rakesh Vanarse

Many disruptions in Life have occurred across the humanity and all creation. The amount of damage caused is incalculable. Covid – 19 has truly crippled the world like never before. There have been very huge impacts on humanity in history. However, in sheer size and magnitude, this crisis seems to have affected close to 8 Billion people and maybe multiple times in terms of all flora and fauna across the world.

If one were to really feel the turn of events, one would feel that all individuals, groups, societies, cultures and nations would start understanding the meaning of Humanity and Humane behavior. However, although a part of human has understood it, another part of humanity has gone more desperate and aggressive. Their urge to snatch, deprive or even loot their fellow human beings has become worse.

If anything, this pandemic should give all of us a reason to understand the goodness of humanity. However, we are likely to awaken in a world of extreme contradictions. More hate, more cheating, more crime and more damage.

It is finally up to the ones who have got a better perspective of life to guide and lead the ones who have gone worse. Humanity is likely to have one of the biggest and most wide-spread social upheavels ever faced in any society and this time its likely to be everywhere.

Now is the time to show character and fortitude more than ever before. For if we fail or falter, the face of humanity will change forever.

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