Knowing Your Self

Simple Steps to follow in Knowing Yourself.

By Rakesh Vanarse.

After going through many wonderful learning experiences, I realized that there is a Term call Pshchometric Tests that help Individuals understand themselves better. The prime purpose of the same is to enable a Holistic Life.

After delving deeper into various Psychometric Test, I have devised a simple 9 Step Program that can help individuals understand themselves and their life better. The test is simply titles “RV9PT” i.e. “Rakesh Vanarse 9 Point Test”.

If you answer the following questions and areas to the best of your abilities, you will be able to understand the Purpose of your Life better. For further information and queries you can contact the author Rakesh Vanarse at the following email id,

Happy Self Discovery!

SelfDefine Yourself in 1 to 6 words and all that you represent.
HappinessIdentify Triggers to your Core Happiness.
ObjectiveWhat have you Set Out for?
TargetWhere do you wish to Reach?
PurposeWhat will you achieve on Reaching There?
ExpectationThe Footprints and Legacy…
Wish ListSome Material Targets.
WealthA Sensible Target to fulfill your Needs, Expectations, Hopes and Dreams in Life.
MantraOne Line that you Follow for Life.

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