Knowledge vs Education vs Qualification….

Knowledge vs Education vs Degree….the discussion goes on….

As the modern world has emerged post the Industrial Revolution II i.e. after the 1890s’, the concept of Knowledge has been directly linked to Education. Post World War II i.e. after 1945 or so, the concept of Education has been further tied up to a Qualification.

So what do these mean?

Very simply, the connotation of Education is to have a formal, progressive way of learning to increase one’s knowledge and also to help refine one’s character and culture.

Similarly, the connotation of Qualification is to represent a level that one has achieved in Education, thus giving a proof of one’s achievement.

However, typically, the various societies, cultures, nations and all of humanity have simply brushed these meanings and connotations aside and are now looking at these terms as a Compulsion or even a Barrier to overcome to achieve a Qualification.

As such, majority of individuals, known as Students in this case, resort to all forms of practices, fair and unfair to achieve just the Qualifications.

However, all of them simply forget that it is the Knowledge gained through Education that is really going to work in their everyday lives and moments. By overlooking that aspect, they just end up being an ‘Incomplete Version of Themselves’. This further leads to their applying further fair and unfair practices in life to hold on to their work, growth and even lives.

Its time that we took Knowledge, Education and Qualification in the right sense. If we get a Qualification without appropriate Education and Knowledge, we will never be able to give our best output in our lives.

Even the Industry and Society needs to have a more realistic approach to these areas so that we can avoid any further loss of true potential of individuals, groups and societies.

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